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Our Rugby World Cup Experience - Samoa vs Namibia

Our Rugby World Cup Experience - Samoa vs Namibia

Thursday, 15 December 2011

MY First and Last year at Clendon Park School!!

My first time at Clendon Park School i was very shy!!!
My teacher was Mrs Faavale.  she was a very kind, friendly and very good at baking...
THANK YOU very much Mrs Faavale...
On my second day i made new friends.. they were:
I would like to thank all of them for the very kind and wonderful things they have done for me..

wish them all the best for 2012 and Mrs Faavale for her teaching.

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!!!!!:)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

So Long, Farewell!

Maria (3rd from left) with some of us.
Tofa soifua Maria!  We wish you all the best in Samoa, keep in touch and we will miss you.  Maria joined our class half way through term three.  On Thursday we sang songs, cried, some of us laughed, and presented Maria with some cards and speeches.  Maria was sad to go as she was crying too when we were singing her our songs.  At the end of the day we had a taualuga for Maria, and we all gave her a great big hug to say so long, farewell. 
Some of us singing our songs and presenting our speeches.

Maria watching our performances.

Boys performing the siva tau for Maria.

Taualuga for Maria...woohoo!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Room 4's Rugby World Cup Number Facts!

The Webb Ellis trophy remains in NZ for the next four years!

0     Namibia won 0 matches during the 2011 RWC
1      All Blacks beat France by 1 point!
2     Two red cards were given out at the 2011 RWC
3     Australia is ranked 3rd in the 2011 IRB rankings
4     Samoa played 4 pool matches in the 2011 RWC
5     Five tries were scored by 3 different players
6     Wales are ranked at number 6 in the IRB rankings
7     France scored 7 points in the 2011 RWC final
8     All Blacks won the RWC final by scoring 8 points
9     Tonga are ranked 9th in the IRB rankings
10   NZ played 4 different players at number 10
11   Samoa is ranked 11th in the IRB rankings
12   Ireland converted 12 penalties in the 2011 RWC
13   James O'Connor kicked Australia's 13 conversions
14   England scored 14 conversions at the 2011 RWC
15   NZ converted 15 penalties at the 2011 RWC
16   France scored 16 tries at the 2011 RWC
17   17 players scored 1 try at the 2011 RWC
18   18 yellow cards were given out at the 2011 RWC
19   There were 19 drop goals scored at the 2011 RWC
20   NZ scored 20 more tries than England
21   South Africa scored 21 tries in the 2011 RWC
22   Wales scored 22 conversions at the 2011 RWC
23   Canada and Japan drew 23 all in Napier
24   It's been 24 years since NZ last won the RWC

Extra:  NZ scored 40 tries during the 2011 RWC tournament!


Monday, 3 October 2011

Manu Samoa - True Warriors!

Malo le tau.  Malo le finau.  Malo le taalo fa'atamali'i.  Ua leai nei se au o Samoa i totonu o le Ipu o le Lalolagi, ae ua matua'i malie mata e vaai.  Manu Samoa, you did us proud during your pool matches.  We are so proud to support you, and wish you all the best in the 2015 Rugby World Cup tournament in England.  Here is a video we found on YouTube that is dedicated to the Manu Samoa team.  Malo lava le taumafai.  O ai le toa?  LE MANU!!!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Faamalosi Manu Samoa!

Go the Manu!  All the best for your game tonight against South Africa.  We believe in you!

Faamalosi Manu Samoa - Give it all you've got!

Siva Tau

Some of the loyal supporters of the Manu Samoa.

Our "Cloudy" Adventure

MANU (with an exclamation mark)
Our photo with Mr & Mrs Cumberland
The Crew @ Auckland Viaduct

Welcome to Room 4 news.  The Fast and Serious Crew were at the Auckland viaduct on Thursday 29 September.  We walked through Wynyard Quarter - wow what an experience that was!  Did you know that in the next 22 years Auckland city will be turned into a vibrant place?  Wynyard Quarter is the first stage of this plan.  We rode on the tram - did you know that the fastest the tram can go is 28 km/ph?  Pretty slow aye.  We reckon some of us can run faster than that.  When we got off the tram guess who we bumped into?  Mrs Cumberland who used to work here at CPS.  The waka that the performers came on in the RWC opening was on display, we wish we could have jumped on it.  June and the boys performed the siva tau...not once, but twice!  People enjoyed it.  At the Cloud we played some interactive games, and explored around the Cloud fanzone.  It was pretty much an experience, alot of walking around in the nice, hot sun.  On our way home we stopped off at Mt Eden to write the "MANU" with our bodies.  Travelling back home we were quite tired.  At least we got to have a look at what all the fuss is about at the Auckland viaduct.  There's only four more weeks until the All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup!  Yesssss!!!!!  Some of us support South Africa, but please don't hold that against us.  Ha! Ha!

On our way to Wynyard Quarter

Wynyard Quarter

The Crew with the Tram Driver

Outside The Cloud Fanzone
@ the Cloud

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Senior Speech Finals

June delivering her speech.

The Judge

June & the boys performing the siva tau.

Brandon & Paulo

Sam & Colin

Fan Club - GO JUNE!
On Monday 19 September the hall was set up for the senior school speech finals.  We all made signs to support our only speech finalist:  June.  As June approached the microphone we were wishing her all the best in our heads.  She did a fantastic job - lots of expression and on June's face Ms Faavale had painted the Samoan flag.  June's speech was on the Manu Samoa and their journey in the rugby world cup competition, from 1991 until now.  We were all proud of June, she came third in the Year 5/6 section overall.  Malo lava June!
Here are the winners on the day:
Year 4 - Grace (Room 16) :  Smoking
Year 5/6 - Manaia (Room 23) :  Shopping
Year 7/8 - Lillian (Room 5) : My Family
Congratulations to all our speech finalists and the winners on the day.
June with Robert & Paulo & her certificate

June & her Number One Fan:  Nana

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Samoa vs Namibia RWC CHEEHOO!!

Manu getting ready for the national anthem

Scrum between the Manu and Namibia

Another scrum

Well done boys!  Malo le taalo!

Le au tapuai - The Supporters

The Fast and Serious crew from Room 4 spent three hours travelling to the Rotorua International Stadium to watch the Manu Samoa team play Namibia live.  It was a fun and an amazing experience to watch our country Samoa play their first rugby world cup pool game.  Tears welled up in Paulo's eyes when he sang the Samoan national anthem, because he was feeling the song in his heart.  The crowd went wild doing the Mexican wave.  We were cheering loudly and dancing weirdly every time Samoa scored and converted a try.  Paul Williams did a shoulder charge and he got sent to the sin bin for ten minutes.  Tusi Pisi was injured in the first half and Tasesa Lavea came on to replace him.  Mahroni Schwalger rested during the game, and Tuilagi got a hat trick.  Well done to Namibia for scoring two tries against the Manu.  What do we say?  "Nice try!"  Check out our photos - it was a jolly good show.

Seki a le support

Friday, 9 September 2011

Rugby World Cup Fever Hits Clendon Park!

This is the day Aotearoa has been waiting for:  the official opening of the Rugby World Cup 2011.  At our school we had a Black Out Day to support our New Zealand team:  The All Blacks!  The ABs haven't won the much-coveted world cup since 1987, when David Kirk was captain, and Michael Jones was the first one to score a try at the tournament.  Room 4 are having their own Rugby World Cup tournament in week 9.  It's our own version, and it'll be called "Room 4 Ripper Rugby World Cup 2011".  Phew!  What a long name.  Today we took a Black Out photo of Tupulaga, then one with the whole school.  Straight after that we had a whole school "Brush Off", where Cynthia (the dental therapist) showed us how to brush our teeth properly.  In the afternoon we picked up rubbish for the "Clean Up for the Cup" campaign.  A really busy day, no wonder why we are tired...especially our teacher! 

Black Out Day -TUPULAGA

Clendon Park School - GO THE ALL BLACKS!!

Clean Up for the Cup

Picking up rubbish along the road.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Quiz Masters!!

Quiz Team 4 challenged Room 9 for a spot in the finals of the quiz competition.  Well done to our team:  Robert, Edward and Kelecia, who have made it through to the FINALS!!  YAY!!  Way to go Room 4!